Arthur Kirkland, the personification of the UK

Hello and WelcomeEdit

The Iamiggylish project is basically a ripoff of the iammatthewian project. It has everything to do with Britain, it's main priority being to teach people of the world the good, the bad and the ugly of British history. Of course we'll have some fun too and we need voice actors. artists, writers, researchers etc etc but I'm sure we'll get the project running smoothly in absolutely no time.

Data on the characters and the character designs shall be filled in as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this project will be a lot more complicated than the iammatthewian project since there are tons more characters, tons more plots and and a lot less time on my hands. I would appriciate if you have a look at the pages I have already made. No character profiles have been filled in yet so I'm afraid you'll have to bear with me til they are.

Until the launch of the project, ciao~

P.S. Check out the characters page, then you'll see what I mean about how much more work this project shall be.

Any questions can be put foward on the comments and suggestions page, in the comments.

Saffronchocolate911 03:30, December 1, 2011 (UTC)